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Sex Fiend or Victim?
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Here are a few links to Men's Right's sites which I recommend.

A Voice for Men: The most important site of all: the parent US site of AVFM

UK Sites...

  • The Rights of Man: Arguably the UK's leading men's rights site
  • Anti-Misandry: Also one of the leading UK men's rights sites.
  • UK Men and Father's Rights Home Page: I suspect this site is no longer maintained, but it has some interesting material anyway
  • PARITY: A UK organisation with a long history campaigning for equal rights for men and women.
  • HEqual: A UK site aimed at promoting action against incidents of anti-male sexism or discrimination.
  • Angry Harry: By common constent, the father of the men's right's movement on the web, Harry is still angry.
  • The Mankind Initiative: The UK's leading organisation for helping male victims of domestic abuse.
  • Karen Woodall's site: Karen is a UK family counsellor and reformed former feminist. She's not an MRA but you couldn't put a Rizla between what she writes and MRM views.
  • Justice for Men and Boys: the UK political party advocating for male rights, run by Mike Buchanan
  • Helping Men: the site of Glen Poole, a widely respected UK men's rights activist
  • Helping Men: another of Glen Poole's sites
  • Quiet Riot Girl "I used to be a feminist, but Iím feeling better now". Nice one.
  • Gynocentrism: If you thought gynocenrism started in the 1970s with 2nd wave feminism this site will put you Wright
  • International Men's Day (19th November annually)
Other sites, mostly US and Canada... There are many great videos on YouTube exposing the hypocrisy that is feminism and promoting men's right's issues. Some recommended ones are on the following channels,
  • Man-Woman Myth: This is virtually an on-line degree course in MRM studies. Go for it.
  • Karen Straughan: aka Girl Writes What?, Karen's videos are little masterpieces of clarity, with the ideal balance of academic rigour and accessibility. She also has the advantage of misogyny-accusation-proof armour, namely being a woman. I can't recommend these videos highly enough. "The disposable male" is already a classic, and so should be "Endemic Gendered Violence?".