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Have you ever wondered who the people were behind those statistics of male deaths by partner abuse? In the pdf linked below I give some recent example cases which I have been able to track down. They are mostly from a roughly three year period 2010 - 2012. They will not be an exhaustive list, even for this period, and even confining attention to England, Wales and Scotland. They are just the ones that I have found - largely dependent upon there having been newspaper reports.

I would not wish people to get the impression that by concentrating on the deaths of men at the hands of women that I am attempting to minimise the prevalence or seriousness of partner violence against women. Of course a similar set of examples could be compiled of women killed by their male partners. The purpose of concentrating on male victims here is to demonstrate to doubters that the PV statistics do represent real cases, not mere fiction. No one doubts this as regards female victims, but there does seem to be doubt about male victimisation in some quarters. Such doubters have been known to cry, "Show us the bodies". So, here are 26 bodies and one close miss.

Of course for every death there is a huge number of men who are abused. The vast majority of these never come to any one's attention. However a few example cases of what partner abuse of men can be like, for men that have survived, are given here

And while I'm at it, for good measure how about some examples of women killing children - mostly their own. Just as with the other examples, the intention here is not to give the (false) impression that women do all the killing. It would be easy enough to compile a list of men killers - of children or adults. But we already know that men are shits, don't we? So it's not necessary. The purpose here is just to drive home the message that women, too, can be vile. Yes, I'm afraid there is a small percentage of both sexes who are violent. Here's 22 recent examples of UK women who killed children (and one close miss).