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You may now be thinking, if all this discrimination against men is true, how did it come about? It was not always like this. The answer is in two parts. The direction in which society has changed in the last 40 years has been determined by feminist writers and journalists and feminist activists. However, they alone could not have brought about this revolution. The revolution has occurred due to women as a whole seeking changes in society which are to their advantage, together with men actively assisting in bringing about these changes which advantage women. In this process no one, neither men nor women, were concerned about the collateral disadvantage to men. Many of these changes in society have been brought about by legislation. And do recall that parliament is dominated by men, and was even more dominated by men in the 70s, 80s and 90s when much of the legislation was passed.

It is clear that, not only have men failed to oppose any of these feminist inspired changes, but men have been the principal agents to bring these changes into fruition. This is just one of the many simple observations that make the feminist theory of patriarchy laughably inconsistent. If men invariably oppress women, why have men been so very willing to devise, support and implement all the societal changes they were seeking? It is clear that the opposite is true. Men's reaction to the demands of women for change has simply been in line with men's traditional role. The traditional role of men is not the oppression of women: it is the protection and nurturing of women and children. The speed of societal changes in the last few decades is testament to the willingness and efficiency of men to respond in accord with their traditional role - to give women what they want.

Neither side, neither men nor women, have paid any attention at all to the effect on men. This is also in line with the historical gender roles. The traditional role of men is to be ready to sacrifice themselves for the tribe, for the family. What is good for men is not the issue. The issue is what is good for the family unit, since this is the means by which a man passes on his genes, the zoological imperative. The feminist theory of patriarchy as oppression of women is perverse and inconsistent, not only with more distant history, but also with what has happened in the last 40 years.

Bluntly put, if men are so goddam powerful and oppressive of women, how come we've been shafted? The truth is that men are excessively concerned about women, even to our own disadvantage, making the changes of the last 40 years easy to accomplish. Women only had to ask and they got. As for men, they have always been disposable when set against the demands of the family unit. And that is what has happened. Men are being disposed of, and men and women alike are collaborating in the process. Unlike feminist patriarchy theory, this perspective is self consistent.

Before digging deeper into the 'disposable male' view of gender roles, let's pause a while to consider the impetus behind the changes in our society - the feminist view. You do not have to work hard to see how keen the feminists were, right from the very start, to crush men. You think I'm over-stating it? You thought that feminism was about equality and fairness? No. Just because you believe in equality and fairness does not mean the feminists ever did. In the next pdf I have collected together some delightful quotes from feminists. Of course, if you browse the internet it is easy to pick up any amount of mindless nonsense. If these quotes were obtained in that way they would mean nothing. But no, these are quotes from leading politicians, from judges, from influential feminist authors and journalists and from US state policy. They cannot be dismissed as the ravings of insignificant loonies. Ravings from loonies they may be, but these are the loonies who have shaped our modern world, God help us all. Most of these quotes are well known in MRA (Men's Rights Activist) circles. However, I acknowledge Karen Straughan's excellent video NAFALT as a convenient compilation which I have plundered as a source. So read this,

What feminists have said about men in public

You will have noticed feminists' obsession with rape. We live in a rape culture, don't you know. Yep, it's a rapey, rapey, rapey world. This is explained in the following video of Diana Davison from her channel, Feminism LOL

But what do feminists think of men in private? Correction, not 'men' but all males, of any age. You'll need a strong stomach for this. In 2011, an undercover agent of the MRM called Agent Orange hacked a feminist site and revealed the gems of tolerance, compassion and gender equality summarised in,

What feminists say about males in secret

And here is Karen Straughan explaining just what gender hate is,

I don't know if the woman in the following video is just having a laugh, but after reading Agent Orange and viewing Karen's video above you will be more inclined to believe she is serious,

If you are inclined to think that all this is just a few aberrant women uncharacteristic of feminists, think again. Everyone should know about the following incident. Warren Farrell, who has written books such as "The Myth of Male Power", was giving a public talk in Toronto. In the video below we see a demonstration by the local feminists outside the hall aimed at shutting down the event. What we see here is the feminists' commitment to free speech (not). Anyone who prevents a peaceful open discussion, anyone who is an enemy of free speech, must be trying to hide something. Following an attendee around and continually screaming "rapist scum" in his face justly earns these people the sobriquet "feminazis".

And now, as a special treat, everyone's favourite feminist, Big Red, explaining the subtleties of patriarchy theory...enjoy,

The next video shows feminists assaulting commendably peaceful Roman Catholic men seeking to prevent their cathedral in San Juan, Argentina, from being vandalised by the women. The backstory relates to the women's support for abortion which is prohibited by the Catholic church. The men have formed a ring around their church to prevent it from being burnt down. Whatever the issue, this sort of behaviour is not acceptable. Can you imagine if men behaved as these women are shown behaving? Against a cordon of women protecting a church? Such footage would have been shown on every major TV news programme around the world and the men universally reviled. But you hadn't seen this before, had you? Because women are never violent or abusive to men, not even if they do it en masse in public with cameras rolling. It still doesn't happen. And this is more than violence. It is sexual assault too. And despite how long this mayhem went on, the police did nothing. That is typical. The police, like the rest of society, are frightened of women. They are frightened because we have all been cowed into believing that if we stand up to women then we will be accused of being the abusers. And with good reason - we will be. Mindless White Knights who give way to whatever women demand are implicit in encouraging such revolting behaviour.

What you see on this page is the face of feminism as feminists themselves have revealed it.