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Feminists argue endlessly about what exactly constitutes being a feminist. They have all sorts of sub-categories of feminism. I am not interested in their debates. My definition of feminism, below, bears no relation to theirs. My definition provides the usage of the term on this site.

Any one of these characteristics indicates a feminist,

  • A feminist is someone who sees nothing wrong in lying to a man about his being the father of her child, thus extorting 18 years of financial support and causing one of the most severe forms of emotional abuse.

  • A feminist is someone who prevents a man knowing whether he is the father of a child despite DNA testing being readily available and cheap. (From this it follows that the law in the UK is feminist in nature).

  • A feminist is someone who persists in regarding domestic abuse as overwhelmingly involving female victims however much evidence to the contrary is presented.

  • A feminist is someone who, if asked to explain the difference between sexism and misogyny, will fail to notice that the answer is that sexism can be either anti-male or anti-female.

  • A feminist is someone who believes that male genital mutilation does no harm to the man and even confers health benefits.

  • A feminist is someone who can support initiatives such as "take your daughters to work day" without noticing, or without caring, that it is sexist.

  • A feminist is someone who thinks that cutting off a man's penis with a kitchen knife is hilarious and a cause for celebration.

  • A feminist is someone who interprets any display of compassion for males as misogyny.

  • A feminist is someone who will hold forth about how useless men are whilst watching a man fix her leaking toilet / broken car / etc.

  • A feminist is someone who pretends to believe in equality whilst supporting the presumption that mothers are the only true parents.

  • A feminist is someone who, when confronted with the many districts in major cities in which single mothers are the majority, and in which crime and gang activity is rife, sees the only problem being that these single mothers should be given more money.

  • A feminist is someone who is unconcerned that 1 in 3 children in the UK live without their father - their only concern being to ensure that the father coughs up the child support.

  • A feminist is someone who will criticise men for "lack of commitment" but fail to notice that women initiate 70% of divorces.

  • A feminist is someone who, if asked to comment on the male contraceptive pill will be sceptical about its usefulness on the grounds that "I wouldn't trust a man" (thus completely failing to realise that the male pill is not supposed to be for her benefit).

  • A feminist is someone who has no guilt whatsoever in demanding child support from a father whom she is determined will play no part in that child's life.

  • A feminist is someone who regards the sexual abuse of men by women as impossible irrespective of what evidence is presented that it is, in fact, common.

  • A feminist is someone who gets prime air time on the BBC, or front page space on leading broadsheet newspapers, to complain about things people have said about them on twitter - whilst men campaigning for father's rights get no such coverage.

  • A feminist is someone who thinks that a man falsely accused of rape can benefit from the experience.

  • A feminist is someone who thinks that even when a women has been definitively proved to have maliciously made a false rape accusation she still should not be punished.

  • A feminist is someone who supports man-shaming activities, such as posters like this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this which suggest that all men and boys would rape if they were not constantly reminded not to.

  • A feminist is someone who, if a man and a woman have both been drinking and have consensual sex and subsequently regret having done so, then it's fair that the man be treated as a rapist and the woman as a victim.

  • A feminist is someone who sees nothing wrong in men being banned from sitting next to children on public transport.

  • A feminist is someone who might express concern about the rarity of male primary school teachers in public but who is secretly perfectly content with the situation.

  • A feminist is someone who will bemoan the under-representation of women in some professions but view the likely future in which 70% of teachers, doctors, vets and lawyers will be women with a sense of triumph.

  • A feminist is someone who believes that women never make false sexual assault accusations, despite the incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

  • A feminist is someone who claims to espouse equality of opportunity whilst actually demanding female advantages (e.g., women only shortlists, women only training, high profile campaigns in favour of women in the professions).

  • A feminist is someone who, when girls did less well at school than boys, regarded it as axiomatic that it must be a result of sexism, but who now that it is boys doing less well regards it as axiomatic that it is the boys' own fault.

  • A feminist is someone who will use a gents toilet and then complain that there are men in there behaving like men (and ignoring her).

  • A feminist is someone who believes it to be right and proper to put a man in court for sexual assault if he pinches her bottom, but who feels entitled to pinch a man's bottom as a demonstration of her sexual freedom.

  • A feminist is someone who believes that men have no empathy...

  • ...and yet, with staggering hypocrisy, a feminist is someone who does not regard a man as a suitable recipient for compassion, as all the above issues confirm.

  • A feminist regards females as intrinsically precious but males as being merely a resource to be exploited. So, the bulk of our society is feminist.
Many people, men and women, who might not regard themselves as feminists are, nevertheless, feminists according to the above criteria. Understood in this way, feminism is seen to be the dominant philosophy of our times.

Based on the above criteria it follows that a feminist is a sexist. Consequently we live in a deeply sexist, that is misandrist, society.

There is no requirement that a feminist be female. The most destructive feminists are men. Female feminists make demands, but it has largely been male feminists who have turned these demands into law.

I am an anti-feminist.

To be against sexism obliges you to be an anti-feminist.

I believe in equality of opportunity and equality of respect.

Feminists do not.

Here is a video from Monica Edwards, one of the fast growing number of intelligent women who have seen through the feminist smokescreen....