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Why address child abuse in a review of male disadvantage? Am I attempting to make out that men do not commit child abuse? No, certainly not. The purpose is, just as for partner violence, to demonstrate only that the feminist narrative, that only men commit child abuse, is false. This is not because I take any delight in bad-mouthing women. It is because it needs saying; because it is the truth. And because spreading misinformation about male violence, be it against adult women or children, is the principle modus operandi of the feminist denigration machine - which, as we have seen before, leads directly to men's ejection from their role as fathers as well as other societal discriminations. But in this case it is worse still - much worse - because, as the quote from Karen Woodall which heads this page expresses, the failure to recognise that women abuse children leads to the failure to protect vulnerable children.

Read my review of child abuse

The conclusions from this review are summarised briefly below. UK data is incomplete is some respects so I include USA data separately to augment it.

UK Data- Child Abuse

  • Neglect was found to be the most prevalent type of maltreatment in the family for all age groups. (Neglect should not be regarded as a less serious form of abuse since it can lead to death, e.g., starvation of a baby).
  • Rates of sexual abuse of children (<18) by a parent or guardian were very low.
  • Where the perpetrator is a parent or guardian, for victims under 11 the perpetrator is equally likely to be a man or a woman, and this is very nearly true also for children of ages 11-17.
  • In the case of severe physical violence by a parent or guardian, females were perpetrators in 13.6% of cases reported for the under 11s, in 27.1% for the 11-17s and 35.3% for the 18-24 year old age group.
  • The NSPCC survey does not report the gender breakdown of the perpetrator for cases of neglect or sexual abuse. This is odd as this breakdown is indicated for physical violence. However, the near gender symmetry for the under 18s suggests that neglect must be more commonly associated with female parent or guardian perpetrators. (The findings of the USA studies, below, confirms that this is likely).

UK Data - Killing of Children

  • There is obfuscation in the UK child homicide data. Data for the number of child homicides, or infanticides, is not clear, and the gender of those responsible is not regularly reported.
  • The number of child homicides in England & Wales is ~50 per year, though it was double this a decade ago.
  • Women, almost always mothers, are responsible for at least one-third of reportedchild homicides (with one-third being fathers and a further one-third predominantly other men).
  • Women are the main perpetrators of infanticide (killing children under 1 year old), and neonaticide (killing a baby less than a day old) is exclusively due to their mothers.
  • There is no reliable data on the frequency of neonaticide, though some authors have estimated it to be in the order of hundreds per year in Britain, in which case it would dwarf all other child homicides.
  • The number of "cot deaths" greatly exceeds the total number of child homicides. If just 10% of cot deaths are actually infanticides, as has been suggested, this would double the number of infanticides and mothers would then be responsible for twice as many child killings as fathers.
  • Cot deaths occur six times more frequently to single mothers than to married mothers.
  • Women guilty of child killing are treated with great leniency by the courts, whereas men are not. Neonaticide and infanticide were recognised as crimes distinct from murder or manslaughter specifically to permit leniency to be shown towards women, who are its main perpetrators. Women are vitually never given a custodial sentence for these crimes. In fact very few these days are even brought to court. Men killing babies can expect a long prison sentence.

USA Data - Child Abuse

  • 0.91% of the total child population suffered some victimisation over life. The incidence for boys and girls was similar.
  • Neglect is overwhelmingly the most common form of abuse.
  • When the abuser is a parent acting alone, the mother is the abuser nearly twice as frequently as the father (36.8% versus 19.0%).
  • Where the abuser is one or more parent, the mother is involved in the abuse in 80% of cases. Overall the mother is involved in the abuse in 61% of cases.
  • Overall, 45% of abusers were men and 54% were women (1% unknown).

USA Data- Killing of Children

  • Parents are overwhelmingly responsible for killing children (at least 78%, similar to the UK).
  • When the killer is a parent acting alone, the mother is the killer nearly twice as frequently as the father (26.4% versus 15.3%).
  • When the killer is one or more parent, the mother is involved in the death in 78% of cases.
  • Over all the mother is involved in the death in 61% of cases.
  • Neglect is the cause, or a contributory cause, of death in 79% of cases.
  • Boys are killed significantly more often than girls.

There is an influential report called 29 Child Homicides widely used by support services. It details the case histories of 29 instances of men who killed their children. It was written by Women’s Aid in 2004. Its purpose is to reinforce the view that fathers are dangerous. And yet, to quote Karen Woodall again, How many of those same support services, I wonder, who willingly and blindly accept that the only issue to be concerned about around domestic violence is the safety of women and children, are aware that during the same period covered by the "29 Child Homicides" report, NSPCC research shows that some 800 children have died at the hands of resident mothers or carers. And how many of those same support services that rely upon "29 Child Homicides" to inform their thinking, have read the 2000 publication "Child Maltreatment in the UK", which showed that violent treatment was more likely to be meted out by female carers than male ones."

Recent examples of women in the UK killing children can be found on the page called Where Are The Bodies?

Essential viewing on the topic of female paedophiles is this video featuring Michelle Elliott,

If you are still not convinced that women do such things, take a look at this video of a female paedophile assaulting a young boy on a train. The event takes place with a host of witnesses, mostly women, who find the whole thing hilarious. The little boy has a fixed 'fear-grin' on his face, desperately trying to pretend it's a joke too, but he knows it isn't funny really, and so do we. Ask yourself, if this was an adult man sitting astride an 11 year old girl, humping away whilst ripping off her clothes, what would have happened to him? Well, those witnesses would not be laughing, they would be on their mobiles to the police. The man would have been arrested as soon as he got off that train and he would have gone to prison for a substantial period. Reverse the genders and it's just a bit of fun - except it isn't. Do take note of the boy's posture at the end. He's just learnt something. He's just learnt that he's a piece of shit. And don't be surprised if he doesn't respect women much.