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Work in Progress
Men and Boys in the UK: A Primer

Although it is far from complete as yet, I am making available for download the following Magnum Opus in its current state since it will be a while before it is complete. Feel free to download and copy onwards:-

Men and Boys in the UK: A Primer

Our society - in fact all technologically advanced modern societies - discriminates seriously against men. To most people, men and women, this perspective will (at present) seem perverse. Yet this anti-male discrimination is not only real, it is universal. It is not only universal, it is vile. It is not only vile, it is leading to societal breakdown. So, is this another crackpot site? I do not ask that you believe anything I say here. I ask only that you think for yourself, with an open and honest mind. I will give plenty of references for you to follow up facts for yourself.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the idea that men are under attack in western societies, you may wish to start by looking at this poster for an event in Toronto. The challenge to you is this: why should Facebook have banned this poster? Is it right that they did? When these posters were put up in Toronto (in authorised places for posting such notices) they were immediately ripped down again. Why? Why should anyone object to this poster merely because it is advertising an event for men and boys? After the line "men's rights are human rights" many posters had been spray painted with the word "wrong". Do these people regard it as wrong to assert that men's rights are human rights? The inescapable conclusion is that they do not regard men as human. And why, in response to International Men's Day on 19th November 2013, another event whose only sin is to be for men, did Susie Boniface of The Mirror find it necessary to write this piece of hate-saturated bile?

In contrast to the perfectly benign poster for the Toronto men's event, consider this poster which is commonly displayed in UK universities (with similar posters in all western universities). Ask yourself about the motivation behind this poster. Do the authors really believe that being raped in a lift is a serious threat to women? What are they really conveying by the suggestion "if you are not able to stop yourself raping, get a friend to go around with you in public to stop you". This is not really serious advice is it? Rather it is intended to be man-shaming. These posters are motivated by a hatred of men and a determination to constantly reinforce the already universal anti-male black propaganda. Ask yourself, why are these nasty anti-male posters permitted, indeed encouraged, whilst benign posters advertising perfectly reasonable men's events are banned?

These are not isolated events; they are typical. Nor are they the worst examples. Take a look at this radical feminist conference flyer. SCUM stands for the Society for Cutting Up Men. We are told that we should not take Valerie Solanas, the founder of SCUM, seriously - because she was a violent paranoid schizophrenic who shot Andy Warhol. But in that case, why do these women treat her as a hero and name a conference as recent as 2011 after SCUM? That these nasty people are actually serious is demonstrated by their secrecy. We were not meant to see that flyer. It was obtained by hacking (read about Agent Orange here). For example, from this RadFem (radical feminist) site Agent Orange brings us this: Please don't spread the link on any more public sites. One of the safety measures we have used here, is remaining low-profile and not seeking unwanted attention. We have deliberately disabled search engines and bot facilities, so it doesn't show up on searches. You have to know where it is, and unfortunately the recent screen-shots getting circulated by the MRAs caused us some grief in attracting unwanted attention. (MRA = men's rights activists).

Further evidence that the SCUM agenda of killing all men remains popular in some quarters comes from that bastion of gender equality, Sweden - watch this video in which women have orgasms of glee after shooting an innocent man for no reason,

The message of the video is made absolutely clear by the caption towards the end: "Do Your Part - SCUM". This is incitement to murder men. Imagine if the gender roles were reversed in this video. It would have been taken down by YouTube the same day - and almost certainly the violence-celebrating male actors would have been arrested. But this video has been up on YouTube for four years and these vile women have been in no way censured by society. Even misandry of this extremity is tolerated.

Is it only a very small proportion of feminists who are so extreme? One hopes so. But the popularity of the recent Twitter #KillAllMen is extremely worrying - and do not under-estimate the appallingly damaging gender bias of the common-or-garden feminists.

This site is primarily intended to illustrate just how disadvantaged males are in UK society. This has not come about by accident. Feminists have deliberately been driving pro-female policies for decades, with no regard at all for fairness. This is evident in numerous 'policy' documents produced by authoritative public bodies. It will be one of my objectives to review such documents and expose just how anti-male they are. The change in society over the last decades in the direction of a pro-female, anti-male stance in virtually all aspects of life has been done cold-bloodedly and deliberately. I repeat: don't take my word for it. If you care, then look into the documents I reference in my detailed reviews and come to your own view. But to business...

The main purpose of this site is to provide an outlet for a number of essays researched and written by myself and downloadable as pdfs. However, I have included introductory material on the web pages and associated links and videos to illustrate and expand the arguments. All the data, quotes, etc, which you will find here you can check for yourself. I encourage you to do so. I give extensive references in the pdf's (a distinct difference from feminist tracts). Whilst I will have many occasions to criticise feminism, and hence feminists, this should not be interpreted as criticism of women. It would be no remedy for a sexist society to indulge in more sexism. The men's rights movement must not repeat the feminists' mistakes. Besides, not all women are feminists - in fact most women are not. Moreover, a large proportion of men's rights activists are women - women whose intellectual integrity has remained intact. And, most importantly, not all feminists are women either.

By way of a gentle introduction to the red pill world you may like to listen to the following video. This is Barbara Kay on what feminism has done to our society. Although Canadian, what she has to say is just as applicable to the UK (apart from the last couple of minutes which is specific to a particular incident in Canada). I have generally chosen women speakers in the videos on this site simply because it is harder to dismiss them as misogynists, the knee-jerk accusation against any men making the same points.